Dr. Kathleen Hall Dr. Kathleen Hall brings wisdom and insight into the most captivating topics in our world today. In her "The Way I See It" podcasts, she dives deep into issues challenging our lives, discusses inspiring people who have transformed our world, and explores movements that are changing our lives and redefining our world.

The Secret Sauce of Life

See why laughter is the special sauce of life.

Drink Your Life Deeply

Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to drink deeper into your life through the experiences of an Urban Monk.

Changing Your Perception Will Change Your Life

To change your life you must change the way you look at life. Let’s take a new look.

May The Force Be In You

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she shares how to tap into The Force Within You.

Are You Living Your Authentic Life?

Want to live your life with greater meaning and purpose? Listen to valuable tips from Dr Hall to help you live your authentic life today.

Spring Clean Your Life

Join Dr. Hall as she shares wisdom and guidance on how you can Spring Clean Your Life which will in turn lead you to a happier and more meaningful life.

A Spring Redo For You

Tired of the gloom? Short days with little sunlight? Heavy clothes and being sequestered in your home? No more!! It is spring! See how easy it is to create a Spring Redo For You!

Squeezing More Joy Out of Every Day

Dr Hall teaches simple practices that will create joy and purpose into your life.

Spend Your Time Building A Life You Love

Is your precious life slipping away? Dr. Hall shares valuable insights on how to take back your life by valuing your time.

A Real Love Story

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she shares pearls of wisdom she has learned along the way to help you create love in your life.

Inspiring Secrets of Super Bowl Winners

Join Dr. Hall as she reveals the inspiring secrets of elite winners that can transform your own life.

Love is in the Air

The spiraling damage of anxiety plaguing our world is destroying our mental and physical health and the health of those we love. Good news - Valentine’s Day is just what the doctor ordered.

The Simple Secret to Your Best Life

Find out the simple secret to your best life and how to practice it.

Create Your Best Holiday Ever!

It’s time to celebrate this holiday as never before. Dr. Hall shares great tips for you to create the best holiday ever.

Let’s Vote for the President-Priestess Taylor Swift

Join Dr Kathleen Hall as she discusses how Taylor Swift invites the world to be transfixed and transformed by her magnificent Presence.

Advent - The End - The Beginning

Join us as we talk about beginning a new year and a new life for you

Gratitude is the Parent of all Virtues

Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others. Join our discussion on gratitude.

Be a Super Spreader

Join Dr Kathleen Hall as she talks about post election stress and why you need to be a 'Super Spreader'.

Are You Trapped By Your Fears?

Fear can either paralyze you or be your friend. Learn how to love your fear today.

Will They Come For You Next?

This is a seminal moment in history to say STOP! Am I next?

Jimmy Buffett, The High Priest of Margaritaville

Join Dr. Hall celebrating the life of Jimmy Buffett and learning his invaluable life lessons.

Unlocking the Secret Energy of Money

Learn how to open the flow of money energy into your life today.

Shifting From Role to Soul

Dr. Hall invites you to grasp the opportunity to drop old voices as you age and discover your true purpose.

AWE - Earthquake To Your Mind

Join Dr. Hall as she shares the great reasons why you should be experiencing AWE every day.

Create Your Vision Board

Good intentions when making resolutions? 97% percent of us do not keep our resolutions. See how a vision board can help.

The Secret Sauce For An Amazing Life

Do you want to know the secret sauce for your amazing life? Join Dr. Hall and learn the secret.

Weathering The Seasons of Your Soul

Dr. Hall believes each season is pregnant with infinite possibilities for you.

Facing Our Greatest Human Challenges With Optimism

Listen to a few of the brightest people on the planet to hear why they are so excited and optimistic about our challenges and future.

Creating a Home for Your Soul

Join Dr. Hall as she inspires you with great tips to create your own soulful home.

Clutter Clearing For The Soul

Do you want to live a less cluttered life? Join us as we discuss how you can begin either a physical or emotional or spiritual clearing of your life.

How to Stop Living on Autopilot

Stop living your life on autopilot. Begin creating your life of meaning and purpose today.

Clearing Negative Energy From Your Life: Mind, Body, and Home

Learn about universal cultural practices for clearing negative energy and creating healing positive energy in your magnificent life.

Create Your Own Resurrection Story Today

Join Dr. Hall as she inspires each of us to rise up and create our own resurrection story.

Time For Your 40 Day Makeover

Lent, 40 days before Easter, can be a life-changing experience. Listen to this time honored transformational wisdom with Dr. Hall.

Reboot Your Life Today

Get ready to reboot your life for greater health, happiness, and purpose with great tips from Dr. Hall.

The Moses of Her People

Do you know Harriet? We do... Listen to Dr Kathleen Hall's thoughts on her (s)hero - Harriet Tubman.

Managing Holiday Stress and Family Conflict

Join Dr. Hall as she shares effective tips for the best holiday ever.

How to Find Your Soul Tribe

You need a soul tribe more than ever. Learn how to create a soul tribe for your journey through life.

Fall - Time For a Fresh Start

Join Dr. Hall as she shares tips on how you can create a fresh start this fall.

Play is Your Brain Candy

Don’t wait to play! Play is internal jogging and essential for your mind as well as your body and soul.

Your Life is a Classroom Not a Prison

Life is your own classroom. What are you choosing to create a life of, if not meaning and happiness?

Life Lessons For Us from Queen Elizabeth

Join Dr. Hall as she discusses how the Queen’s inner not outer choices can change your life.

Are You a Living Prayer?

Join Dr. Hall as she shares tips on how you can create a more meaningful life today.

Creating Your Sacred Space

Are you creating sacred space in your home that nourishes you? Listen to our provocative discussion on a space to feed your soul at home.

Has The Last 2 Years Messed With Your Head?

Join Dr. Hall as she calls us to clear our heads and live fully and courageously.

Freedom From Fear

Join us as we discuss mastering your fears during these perilous and fearful times.

What Can Migratory Birds Teach You About Life?

Join Dr. Hall as she takes you on a migratory flight that can enrich your life.

Are We Dying of Loneliness?

Loneliness is a dangerous, global pandemic that causes mental & physical illness and even death. Join James S. Hixon, MD, Medical Director of the Mindful Living Network & Stress Institute, and Dr. Kathleen Hall as we discuss this vast problem and simple effective cures.

Is It Luck, Coincidence, Or Something Else?

Join Dr. Hall as she explores how you can create your own good luck.

Miracles Never Take Reservations

Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to wake up to the innumerable life changing miracles in your life.

Why Color is Crucial In Your Life

Join Dr. Hall as she teaches how color can heal your mind and body.

Lent: Your 40 Day Makeover

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she inspires us to begin our 40 day makeover to a better life during Lent.

This is a Dark Day in Human History

We are in the greatest crisis since World War II. Join Dr. Hall as she pleads for our world to come back from the brink of disaster.

Living in THE Presence

Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to love your life because it is your living prayer.

Ready For Your New Years Evaluation?

Join Dr. Hall as she asks you inspiring questions about your past, 2021, and your future, 2022.

Holiday Guest Stress Tips

Here are great tips to de-stress you and your holiday guests. All it takes is a little bit of preplanning.... & some mindfulness =)

Can We Get Sick From Worrying

Worry takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Many of us waste a significant part of our lives chronically worrying about all sorts of things. Learn strategies to worry less so you can live your best life.

Create a Happier Brain Today

Join Dr. Hall as we learn how to create real happiness in our lives.

The Kindness Pandemic

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall and Jim Hixon MD as they discuss the science and soul of kindness. Kindness is infectious and has many health benefits. Join the Kindness Revolution.

Invest Your Life, Never Waste It!

Join Dr. Hall as she encourages you to create your own Meaningful Life Investment Portfolio.

Reassess and Manifest Your Energy

Join Dr. Hall as she discusses how to manifest your fountain of untapped energy.

Stress Can Fuel Your Success

Join Dr. Hall as she talks about how your stress can be a tool that leads to your success.

Time For Your Post Pandemic Comeback

Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to create your exciting post pandemic comeback today.

Ready For Your Revival?

Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to revive and energize your life through ancient wisdom practices.

I Asked the President - He Said Yes

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she discusses why having the courage to ask for help is a key to a happy, loving, beautiful life.

Give Up or Give In?

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she invites you not to "give up". Instead, she gives tips on how to "give in" to the magnificent life out there waiting for you.

They Call Her Moses

Join us as during Black History Month as we celebrate the woman they called Moses - Harriet Tubman.

Live Your Legacy Now!

Don’t just LEAVE your legacy, LIVE your legacy now. Join Dr. Hall as she inspires you with tips on how to choose and begin living your legacy today.

To Be Perfect Is To Change Often

Winston Churchill said this many years ago as he faced a world in crisis. Join Dr Kathleen Hall as she discusses the existential crisis dividing us today. If we don’t change, we may not survive.

You Won the Lottery! 86,400 Big Ones!

You have a gift of 86,400 big ones. Join Dr. Kathleen Hall’s discussion on how you can spend your 86,400 seconds each day.

Break the Cycle, Move On

Let's close out 2020 and create 2021 with Dr. Kathleen Hall as your guide to an exciting New Year. 

Awareness is a Lifesaver

Awareness is the key to a life of health and happiness. These simple tips will help you develop your awareness every day.

Separation Is An Illusion

We have reached a tipping point! Our survival depends on your action NOW!

Everyday Is a 2nd Chance

Join us as we discuss why a simple message on a Christmas ornament can make the difference in your life.

Time For You To Rise Up

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she invites each of us to rise up now to your calling in life. 

911 - Save Your SELF!

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall and Dr. Jim Hixon as they discuss how the pandemic is causing startling rises in depression, anxiety and suicides. Get guidance on what to do and how to get help.

John Lewis, A Living Saint

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall and Dr. Jim Hixon as they share their memories of living in Atlanta with John Lewis and his incredible message for each of us.

High Anxiety: Coping the Chaotic World of Today

Dr. Kathleen Hall and Dr. Jim Hixon discuss how to manage your mental health challenges this year.

Celebrate and Reclaim the Feminine in Your Life

Learn how easy it is to reclaim the reverent respect, sacredness, and power for the feminine in each of us. Here are some tips on how to help you celebrate and reclaim the feminine in your life.

Words of Wisdom from COVID-19

Join us as we talk about the invaluable spiritual and psychological lessons we can learn from the horrendous pandemic, COVID-19.

Why is May Stressing You Out

May can be a very stressful month. An ending school year, planning summer vacations, and countless expenses such as gifts for teachers, graduations, celebration meals, and family and friends visiting expenses. The key to enjoying this month is organization. Here is some practical advice to enjoy this month of celebrations.

Play In the DIrt

Play in the Dirt with us on Earth Day!

Do You Have Techfluenza?

Is technology controlling your life? Do you lose innumerable hours to technology while feeling unhappy and lonely? Learn how to be the manager and not the victim of this technological world.

Top 10 Things You Told Your Therapist

Join Dr. Kathleen Hall and Bailey as they discuss the most common issues people brought up in therapy. This discussion helps normalize our common fears and stressors in the world.

40 Days of Soul Retrieval and Renewal

Lent is the forty days before Easter. Join us as we discuss this great opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation of old habits.

Is Practicing Mindfulness Hurting Your Health?

Some people become more anxious when practicing mindfulness. Join a discussion on why some people have trouble reducing anxiety with mindfulness and relaxation practices.

Is Watching the News Making You Sick?

One of the biggest challenges we face in modern times is finding a way to maintain inner peace while staying informed about world events. Join us to learn how to watch the news without being trapped in a web of doom.

Lower Your Financial Stress

Join Dr Hall as she discusses some concrete steps you can take today to lower your financial stress.

Break the New Year Same Me Cycle

Break the cycle of your routine life. Join Dr. Hall and Bailey as they discuss tools to help you complete 2019 and create 2020. They also challenge you to make this year the 2020 of Your Dreams.

Meet Alice Paul

Join our conversation about Dr Alice Paul the infamous suffragette.

March Madness Fun

Join us as we discuss March Madness fun at work.

Women Heart Health Month

Join Dr Hall as she discusses ideas regarding Women Heart Health Month in February.

American Evil Doers

Join us as we vent our anger and disgust at the United States lifting of the elephant trophy ban. These evil Americans are sanctioning the slaughter of majestic and magnificent as well as intelligent elephants.

The Green Eyed Monster

Join us as we discuss Jealousy AKA the Green Eyed Monster and how it can ruin your life.

40 Day Mindful Makeover

Join us as we talk about the opportunity for you to do a Lent 40 day makeover.

Start Your Impossible

Join us as we discuss the power of Olympic inspiration in our lives.

Music Will Be Extinct

Between budget cuts and tight school schedules we are in a music crisis in our schools. Music is being treated as an expendable line item class that is easily deleted and soon could be extinct.

National School Walkout

Join us as we discuss March 14th - The #Enough! National School Walkout.

Year of Women

Join us as we discuss the tornado of woman issues that transformed our world in 2017 and why we are now in the Year of the Women.

Live an Intentional Life

Do you know the difference between your goals and your intentions? Join Dr. Kathleen Hall and Bailey as they discuss how you can shift from living a reactive/routine life to a proactive/productive life of meaning and purpose.