Make a Friend Day

Make a Friend Day is the day to create a plan, reach out to new people in your life, an of course, find your true […]

National Hot Breakfast Month

While a bowl of cereal or a quick bowl of yogurt makes for a delicious breakfast, there’s something special about sharing a hot meal with […]

National Chocolate Day

Do you eat some chocolate (cocoa rich) at least 3 times a week?  A new study reinforces other studies that show eating chocolate is a […]

Relationship Wellness Month

Have you given your relationships their annual check-up?  You go to your physician for your wellness check ups, so why not have a relationship check-up? […]

John Muir Day

John Muir was one of the most famous naturalists and prolific authors who founded one of the most famous conservation organizations in the world, the […]

National Tax Day

Whew! Tax season is finally coming to an end. Put the pressure of this day behind you. Now is the time to relax. Go for […]

Clean Up Your Computer Day

Is your inbox overflowing with emails you don’t need? Do you have old computer files that you’ve been meaning to go through and organize? Today […]

National Hug Day

Hug someone today at work and at home on National Hug Day. Research shows us that when you hug someone your stress level, blood pressure, […]

Celebrate Scientists Day

What would our world be like without science and scientists? These brilliantly gifted individuals are literally saving our lives each day. Scientists create drugs to […]

National Nut Day

Love nuts? If so, today’s your day. Celebrate National Nut Day with an assortment of nuts. Choose your favorites and add them to your salad, cereal, […]