Good Acres Sanctuaries

Good Acres Sanctuaries aims to be a sanctuary for animals as well as people. It is located in Kentucky specifically at 2015 Graefenburg Road, Lawrenceburg, […]

5 Ways Pets Boost Your Health

Your Best Friend A pet is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, pet owners quite literally feel the love. In fact, for over […]

Pamper Your Pooch with DogTV

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A Cat Can Save Your Life

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The Dangers of Exotic Pets

Some exotic pets, like hedgehogs and tarantulas, have become unique, lovable members of many American families, but that doesn’t mean that all wildlife make great […]

Pets in the Workplace

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or fish, having a pet in the workplace is not only therapeutic, studies show that they can relieve stress too. […]

Build Your Own Indoor Cat Garden

If you’ve ever had a house cat stare longingly out of a window, you’ve probably thought about letting them go outside. The fresh air, sunshine, […]