Reclaim the Feminine In Your Life

Since ancient Greece and throughout the ages in all cultures, religions, and spiritualities, people have celebrated femininity. When I was at Emory, the theology of […]

We Need Music Now More Than Ever

There is amazing power absorbed through music. It can help you through heartbreaks, stressful life events, and energize you during exercise sessions. But most importantly, […]

Live A More Honest Life

Have the Courage to Live an Honest Life When we have lived or are living a life of dishonesty either consciously or unconsciously, we need […]

Altar Your Life with Family Meals

Are you sharing meals with your family on a regular basis? You should! Studies now show that mealtime with family can benefit the health of […]

Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Sometimes the struggles that come with adulthood require a childlike perspective. If we open ourselves up to childlike joy and enthusiasm, we can renew our […]

Join or Start a Dream Club

Book clubs have become popular in our culture. They can help you meet new people, discuss intellectual topics, and grow in your own wisdom. Now, […]

Get Digging and Start Healing

Benefits of Playing in the Dirt There are innumerable health benefits to playing in the dirt. Emerging research shows us Ecotherapy, getting into nature, heals […]

Healing Gardens

Gardening has been shown to improve your health. The CDC says that 2.5 hours of gardening a week is great for strengthening your muscles and […]

The Mystery Behind Easter Eggs

There are many folklore and myths associated with egg symbolism. For example, the story goes that if eggs were laid on Good Friday and kept […]