A positive recommendation is one of life’s greatest rewards, as is knowing that you’ve helped someone to become a better person.  If the Mindful Living Network has inspired you, helped you to live more mindfully or helped you help someone else, we’d love to hear about it. You can send us an email (short or long – it’s up to you) at thoughts@mindfullivingnetwork.com. We’d love to hear what you think!

Testimonials for the Mindful Living Network:

  • THANK YOU! for sharing this! The site and segments look fantastic! These are universal issues that every single one of us deals with. I certainly can relate. VERY powerful stuff. And a gift to the world.
    ~ Cynthia Good, CEO, Founding Editor, PINK Magazine  – Atlanta Georgia
  • Congratulations on the launch of your new venture. May it help many be more mindful, and bring much-needed balance to individuals and the world.
    ~ Bill Gottlieb – Middletown, CA
  • You leave me wordless….and breathless.  You are a freakin’ genius.  And I can’t help but to be a little envious at how you can continue to put your ideas into new actions and new formats.   The website looks phenomenal and what is such an amazing idea.
    ~ Amy Montanez, Therapist/Spiritual Director
  • What you are doing is brilliant and so sorely needed by our troubled world.
    ~ Laura Malone, MBA Harvard
  • I am VERY impressed.  You all have done an outstanding job and can be proud of the results.
    ~ Joyce Newman, The Newman Group
  • I think the Mindful Living Network is fantastic and something that is so desperately needed!!!!!!!!! I like that you have the episodes “premiering” on certain dates rather than uploading all of them to the site…. makes me want to come back for sure. Have I told you lately how PROUD of you and your achievements??????? You astound me!!
    ~ Katherine Kelly, Oprah & Friends Radio, XM Satellite – Chicago Illinois
  • Youʼre launching a powerful network and Iʼm excited about the additional resource to help keep me more mindful of the great life I have and all of the tremendous blessings.
    ~ Caroline