A lot of really great, mindful people make up our team:

Dr. Kathleen Hall

Dr. Kathleen Hall
Founder & CEO

Dr. Hall, an internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress, work-life balance and Mindful Living, is the founder and CEO of the Mindful Living Network® and The Stress Institute®. Featured on The Today Show, CNN, FOX, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, Money Magazine, Business Week, Huffington Post, ESPN, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple and Woman’s Day, she is also an award-winning author of A Life in Balance, Alter Your Life, and Uncommon HOPE. She’s been the spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Unilever, Darden Restaurants, Princess Cruise Lines. Her expertise includes being the brand visionary/MLN chief strategist, developing relationships with experts, and overseeing the content development and programming of MLN.
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Jim Hixon

Jim Hixon
Chief Finance Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Hixon is an established medical doctor who has managed multiple organizations in the fields of medicine and is also an expert in breeding horses and lives on his horse farm. He is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. His longtime experience on the operational and financial side of the business provides a critical strength in the leadership team.

Brittany Hixon

Brittany Hixon
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Brittany Hixon is a dynamic and outgoing physician who is Board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care. Dr. Hixon provides her expertise and personality that can be used for media appearances, video interstitials, articles, and many other types of production or conceptual materials for the network. Dr. Hixon is a passionate world traveler and art lover.

Andrea Greengard
Director of Business Development
Andrea guides the network as we continue to engage and grow our Mindful Living CommUNITY. She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a major in Multimedia/Web Design. When Andrea’s not hard at work, she spends her free time pet sitting, creating unique, handmade artwork/jewelry and rescuing animals. She is proud to call herself a lifelong companion to her animal family members, two cats, Bouncer (the best rescue-dog ever), and a 5 foot iguana named Piglet.

Ruvana Merkaj
Producer and Content Manager

Ruvana coordinates our diverse team in Atlanta. She loves trying new foods, milk chocolate and especially cheese. Ruvana loves hosting parties and learning at least one word in every language. She is passionate about astronomy filling her peaceful time charting the stars. Ruvana graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs.

Niki Antil
Graphics Designer & Social Media Manager
Niki received her degree in Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Atlanta. She is a creative, detail-oriented and self-proclaimed perfectionist. Originally from the Boston area, Niki now lives in Atlanta but vows to never lose her accent. She is a coffee addict, lover of music and will eat anything with coconut. When she is not working for the Mindful Living Network, she enjoys going to concerts, crazy girl nights and watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.

our team

The Mindful Living Network’s team has the BEST support staff EVER:

Our team is lucky to have a solid support system behind us. They support our team in every aspect of life.

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our team
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