Why should I thank my ancestors?

Pamela, Many cultures, especially the Asian and Native American traditions, are grounded in reverence for their ancestors. These cultures are keenly aware that it is only through the sacrifice, choices, and experiences of thousands of years of ancestors that we sit here today. We are the highest expression of our gene pool because we have survived. All of the dominant genes of our past are expressed in our presence, thanks to the ancestors who came before us.

Sadly, our fragmented nation has become disconnected from a deep awareness of the part our ancestors play in our culture. Being “self-made” in our culture is hallowed, but in fact none of us are truly “self-made,” and would not be here without the lives of our ancestors. Take time to give thanks to grandmothers and grandfathers and those before them for giving life. You may want to make a special display of old family photographs and mementos to keep your ancestors close to your heart.


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