How do I start journaling?

Kelli, Research shows us there are health benefits to writing your thoughts, emotions, and experiences down on paper. To begin journaling: Choose the best time of day to journal. Take five minutes in the carpool line, when you get back from lunch, or before you go to bed. If you have more time, journal more; if not, make it a disciplined practice to do it for a few minutes once a day.

Choose a journal that you love. You may want to keep one at work, one in your car, and one in your drawer by your bed so you can use it at a free moment in your busy life. I keep a beautiful one by my bed and a small one in my purse. You can use your laptop for the quick and easy journaling or your thoughts and feelings. Write your intimate authentic feelings about the experiences in your life. Writing the words helps take pain, grief, and anger out of your body.Write continuously and don’t worry about your grammar, spelling, or punctuation.You may feel more expressive of your feelings by drawing instead of using words.


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