Best Travel Tips Ever!

Traveling these days can be is very stressful. Many times, the stress of traveling can put you and your family over the top.

Easy Tips to Reduce Your Travel Stress

Take your comfort with you

 Traveling is stressful so take tools to nurture yourself. Take your favorite blanket, pillow and soundproof earphones. Download movies, books, or material you enjoy on your tech device. Download guided imagery or meditations from the app store. Large airports have great spa facilities like manicures, pedicures, massage, and shoe shines. Some airports even have nap facilities.


 Most airlines do not serve meals anymore. The food they hand out is sometimes high fat, high-calorie snacks. Think of your meal planning. Most airports have a food guide in the airport so you can eat nutritionally and nourishing healthy food. Eating the right foods can help reduce your stress. Great foods that may help reduce stress are omega 3’s, B6 foods, and spicy foods. Eating high fat, greasy foods can make you anxious and feel stressed out. Drinking alcohol can increase stress and depression and also make you dehydrated. Don’t forget to drink water as you travel to stay hydrated.


 Exercise when you are stuck at an airport. Walk up and down the concourses. Exercising helps you produce endorphins, calming hormones in the brain. You can do yoga stretches, tai chi or chi gong in the waiting area. These are incredible tools for traveling.

Checking in

 Check in online ahead of time. It is easier to travel without heavy luggage. Check your luggage. It gives you more freedom and you don’t have to worry about the overhead bins having no space when you get to your seat.


 Have each child make a list of what they want to take with them. What do they want for comfort, entertainment, to eat and to sleep? Keep these items in each child’s backpack. It is also good to take an extra change of clothing for small children in case of an accident.


 Everything takes longer during travel days. Give yourself at least 30 minutes longer than usual to travel to your destination such as the airport. Finding a cab, checking in, lines to the bathrooms, lines at the food areas, and lines at the parking lots absorb a lot of your valuable time.

Medical Care

 Be sure to investigate the medical care facilities where you are traveling. Don’t assume that other places have the same medical care facilities you are accustomed to. This is especially true if anyone in the family has any medical conditions. Take prescription bottles with you. It is important to have your name and pharmacy on the bottle.


Embrace an attitude of surrender as you travel. Reacting to every obstacle will make you crazy, raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, and consequently make you miserable. Surrender to your travel as a classroom, not a prison.

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