3 Handy Gardening Tips

Whether you are a gardening novice or expert, every green thumb needs a few handy gardening tips up their sleeves for maintaining the perfect garden.Supplies you have in your kitchen can help your garden. You can grow seedlings in old eggshells. And when you’re ready to plant your seedlings you can put the whole plant, eggshell and all, in the ground. You can make a natural herbicide with just rock or table salt and vinegar in a spray bottle. This will kill weeds like dandelions. Or use boiling water to keep weed plants from growing (just be sure to be careful). Even your hair can be used in your garden. The next time you get a haircut sprinkle the clippings in the garden. Garden vermin like bunnies and rodents do not like human hair, and they will leave your garden alone.

Are you in the need for more handy gardening tips? Consider these Mindful suggestions listed below:

  1. Repair a leaky hose with tape.: Have you got a leaky garden house? Fix it quick with tape you have on hand. Duct tape is water-resistant, but it’s not waterproof. So, it works for short-term repair. Vinyl electrical tape is also water-resistant, not waterproof. But it will make a quick fix. Silicone tape makes for waterproof repairs. So, if you have it on hand, use it.
  2. Protect your flowers with beer. Beer can be used to protect your flowers from bug bites. Slugs are attracted to ethylene, a chemical that occurs in ripe fruit and fermented food. Leave a container of beer in your flower garden overnight to attract slugs and snails. They’ll go for the beer and leave your flowers alone.
  3. Feed the grass with tea.: Tea bags can nourish you and your garden. The nutrients in tea can naturally increase your soil’s nitrogen levels. Nourish the grass by putting the tea bags, but be sure to use compostable bags. Before laying down seed to fill in spots in your yard, put down wet tea bags. You can even water your plants with tea or bury your tea bags to help the plants grow.

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