Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Sometimes the struggles that come with adulthood require a childlike perspective. If we open ourselves up to childlike joy and enthusiasm, we can renew our energy and become more optimistic about life. Children fill their day with games, laughter, and their imagination. If we follow their example and embrace the child within each of us, every adult could boost their creativity, energy, curiosity, and knowledge. Embracing our inner child can also boost our health. Partaking in some favorite childhood pastimes can calm and relax stressed or anxious individuals. In fact, studies have shown that art therapy can help reduce stress-related behaviors. And guided imagery is a common stress management technique. So, maybe young kids are on to something with their crayons and daydreams. No matter how old we get, we all still carry a piece of our youth within us.

If you would like to reconnect with your inner child consider these Mindful You tips:

  1. Make time. Let’s be honest. Most of us will put fun, relaxing activities on the back burner in order to make more time for work and other obligations. But setting aside time to reconnect with yourself will help you relax and make you more productive in the long run. So, make time in your daily schedule for your inner child.
  2. Stay curious. Curiosity will open your life to new experiences and encourage you to keep learning. So why not try something new. Consider having a meal at a new exotic restaurant, try learning a second language, or take up challenging hobbies like rock climbing or bouldering.
  3. Stay creative. Let the analytical part of your brain relax. Consider reconnecting with your inner child by painting or coloring. Take up craft projects or consider upcycling projects (to create and help the environment). Approach a work project or home chore from a different perspective, letting your right side of the brain solve the problem.
  4. Stay playful. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is by just letting loose. Dance around the house. Sing along to the car radio. Have board game night with some friends. Build sandcastles or create mud pies with the kids. Just being silly for a change can alter your mood.
  5. Embrace childhood memories. Take a walk down memory lane, by doing things that you enjoyed as a kid. Consider spending Saturday mornings in your pajamas, watching cartoons with the kids. Consider rereading some of your favorite childhood books or comics. Or go to an amusement park,
  6. Laugh more. Laughter is the best kind of medicine and it can do wonders for stress and high blood pressure. So share a laugh with your kids, joke around with your friends, or watch a funny YouTube clip. Have fun and laugh as often as possible.

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