Creating Hope in Perilous Times

H.O.P.E. Springs Eternal!

Hope springs eternal. Like water bubbling out of the earth, you cannot stop hope. It erupts in the most unlikely scenarios of human tragedy war, the Holocaust, hurricanes, and tornados. It accompanies conception as our bellies swell and ripen, and flows through families as children change and grow. A powerful and potent spiritual practice, once tapped, hope does not go back underground, but fills up whatever will hold it, and keeps flowing. I invite you to become the source of hope in your own and others’ lives. Be the abundant spring. Hope is pure energy.  

There are no secret potions, mysterious formulas or clandestine destinations you must visit to live the life of hope and happiness you desire. Simply practice incorporating these Four Commitments into all facets of your daily life: with your self, the Divine, your partner, your family, your workplace, and your community. This acronym for H.O.P.E. will lead you home to hope like a light left on in the window at night.

Create H.O.P.E.

H is for Honesty

Whatever you do be honest with yourself. When you are honest about your life you have integrity. Honesty is a virtue that is the core of true greatness.

Be honest about where you are now, where you want to go and why you aren’t choosing to be there. People who do not live their truth experience tremendous stress and research tells us about the health outcomes of dishonest lives. Learn how to live your true honest life infused with great hope.

O is for Optimism

Every obstacle is an opportunity. Life is fraught with immense opportunities for growth that we initially perceive as obstacles. You may be living your life saying you didn’t get an education, money, partner or the life you want because of this and that obstacle. This means you have experienced the obstacles in your life as blocks, barriers, obstructions or deterrents.

I challenge you to shift your thinking today. From now on no matter what happens that seems like it is an obstacle, immediately say, “Well isn’t this an interesting opportunity for my growth.” “I can choose what is best for me in this opportunity because I am grounded in the four commitments and feel confident and strong.” When you stop perceiving your life as a series of obstacles and understand it as a nonstop stream of opportunities (a chance for advancement, an opening, a favorable condition) you generate the energy to fuel a life of real hope and happiness.

P is for Perseverance

When you choose to persevere, you are living with a purpose, determination, endurance, resolution, and hope. Anything life changing that has ever happened in this world has happened because of perseverance.

Make a decision and be determined and resolute. Learn new tools on how to persevere and become resilient in any situation. Practicing perseverance promotes consistent energy flow of hope. Fall down 40 times, get up 41!

E is for En-joy

Enjoy your wondrous life. Live in joy, love, and hope. When you really enjoy your life, you will begin to savor, appreciate and cherish your fragile fleeting life. Treasure every breath, every relationship, every sunrise and the sunset of your life. Enjoy means “in joy.” Your purpose in this life is to live with joy and hope.

(Taken from Dr. Hall’s Book, Uncommon H.O.P.E., A Powerful Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Life, Sourcebooks)

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