Full Body Workout in 20 Minutes

Here’s a great full body workout that can do whenever and wherever you like. Plus, you don’t need any equipment or weights!! No more excuses!

Full Body Workout featuring Pam Reif
Full Body Workout featuring Pam Reif

This full body workout targets the muscles of your whole body and gives you a fast, quick sweat! The video is in full length which means you can just follow what the star Pam is doing for 30 seconds for each exercise.

There are two 1 minute rests in between each. Remember, if you need to pause longer – feel free to do so. If you don’t need a break – skip them!

Pam recommends switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover. You can do this workout two or three times a week. If you want more then that you can check out Pam’s Instagram page or check out all our exercise videos here.

Who is Pam Reif?

With a community of 2 million amazing followers, Pam is one of Germany’s most influential social media personalities. She loves to motivate and inspire people all over the world. As a fitness model and social media sensation she has gained more than 4.1 million followers on Instagram posting photos and exercise videos. She first joined and began posting to Instagram in July 2012. She published her first book titled Strong & Beautiful in March 2017. Though native to Germany, she is also fluent in English. She is also a brand ambassador for Shredz supplements.


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