Create Your Home Sanctuary Today

Your Home is Your Personal Sanctuary

Your need for a sanctuary is as old as humankind itself. Home is your sanctuary, a place where stress should be left at the door. Your home is the place where your mind, body, and soul are nourished. Having a  home sanctuary is important for peace, relaxation, happiness, and is invaluable to your health. Relaxation, peace, living with less stress and anxiety, can reduce your risk for cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and all other diseases. Spending time in your personal haven is a great way to invest in your happiness, your purpose, and your well-being.

Build Your Perfect Home Sanctuary 

Personal Sanctuary

Your personal space is created by what is meaningful in your own life. A personal sanctuary may be in your bedroom, office, closet, porch or any other place that you can claim as yours. In your private space, you can create an altar, or a shelf with pictures, meditation or prayer beads, journals, statues, or objects that evoke significant memories. This special place can become a refuge and a source of serenity and connection to your self and the Divine.

Nature Sanctuary

We are all profoundly connected to nature. You can create a sanctuary or nature refuge outdoors or within your home. You may want to keep a single plant on your windowsill in your kitchen, a bonsai or simple flower in a vase near your personal or family space in your home to connect you with the natural world. If you have the outdoor space, you may want to create a haven in a garden that evolves over time, adding different creations each year that reflects the years of your life. Your garden sanctuary can become a living journal and a history of your life.

Family Sanctuary

Designate family space in a beloved area of your home. There may be a shelf or a table that you claim as an area of communal family space. In this space, you can place family pictures, spiritual or inspirational books or scriptures, and other memorabilia that reflects the shared lives of your family. This space will become a place where the family visits to commemorate, share, and cherish the memories of their lives and the lives of your ancestors. This sacred space reinforces the power, value, and continuity of your family.

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