5 Inspiring Ways to Honor Women This March

Get Inspired and Inspire Other Women

We have an original article in case you missed it, five ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, but that was just the beginning. There are tons of amazing women, both past and present, that we can honor this month. Listed below are five more ideas to inspire you for the rest of the month.

5 More Ways to Honor Women This March

Buy From Women-Owned Businesses

The next female CEO to make history could be right in your town. Today, do your research and support entrepreneurial women in your community by buying their goods or services. Need some ideas to help you get started? Birchbox, the high-end beauty subscription box company, and Outdoor Voices, the activewear business, are just two popular companies that are owned by women.

Visit a Museum or Historic Site

We’re all familiar with national stories of female heroism, but what about local legends. This month do your research. Learn about how women in your town fought against injustice and worked to make your community a better place. See if there are any special exhibits in your local museum or special historical sites dedicated to heroines.

Make Homemade Ice Cream with Your Kids

Sharing a bowl of ice cream with your kids while telling them stories about amazing women in history is a sweet idea for the weekend. One of the stories you should share is that of Nancy M. Johnson.

Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia patented her ice cream maker in 1843, but the basis for her invention has inspired modern ice cream makers. Her invention consisted of an outer bucket packed with ice and salt and an inner container filled with the ice cream mixture. The crank on Johnson’s machine allowed the ice cream to chill faster.

Johnson’s ice cream makers have been used and passed down in families for generations. If you’re in the mood for making ice cream, try these recipes for creamy coconut ice cream or peach ice cream.

Do an Educational Craft Project with Your Kids

Looking for another kids’ activity? This weekend, try doing crafts together. With a little ingenuity and basic supplies, you can create themed crafts for Women’s History Month. Your kids can make flower crowns in honor of Frida Kahlo or a mini ice-skating rink inspired by Michelle Kwan. Need more information? Check out this Mindful article on Women’s History Month DIY crafts.

Watch Movies By Women

Call up your friends and schedule a movie night! You can relax with some movie snacks, delicious mocktail recipes, and a queue of films directed by or written by women. Listed below are just a few examples: Suffragette (directed by Sarah Gavron), A League of Their Own (directed by Penny Marshall), and The Joy Luck Club (co-written by Amy Tan).

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