Fitness Classes That’ll Make You Love Exercising

Fitness Classes Should Be Fun

For many of us, exercise is a chore we have to do for our well-being, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Unique fitness classes could have you looking forward to your evening workout. It’s also a great learning opportunity and a chance for you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

So, whether you’re looking for a little fitness fun or just want to change up your routine, consider giving one of these fitness classes a try.

Circus-Inspired Fun Fitness

The circus isn’t just clowns and exotic animals. The acrobatics are usually the most awe-inspiring part of the show—graceful men and women using ropes and long silk fabric to perform tricks in the air. Well, believe it or not, some specialized fitness centers offer classes in the fun circus like arts as a form of exercise. When you take these classes you’ll learn about the equipment, the proper techniques, and the safety procedures.

These exercises are not only exciting, they can also help with your flexibility and you’re your muscles. Check the web to see if there are any local facilities offering circus workouts or aerial fitness classes. You’ll discover your inner child in no time.

Hula-Hoop Fun

Speaking of finding your inner child, how about trying a fitness class that features a classic childhood toy: the hula-hoop. Both men and women will get a kick out of these fitness/dance classes. During intro classes you’ll learn different techniques (such as how to keep a rotating hoop from falling), and during intermediate and advanced classes you’ll probably use weighted hula-hoops.

Using a hula-hoop for an extended period of time (10 minutes or more) can be a good source of aerobic activity, especially if the hoops are weighted. If you’re interested in learning more, do research on the dance facilities in your area. Dance studios sometimes have “hooping fitness” or “hoop dancing” classes.

Trampoline Workouts

Add a little bonce to your workout with trampoline-based fitness classes. With these workouts the main equipment is a mini trampoline for one person. A typical workout usually incorporates balance, jumping, and stretching exercises. With advance classes participants usually add weights, support poles, and resistance bands to their workouts.

The exercises on the trampoline are a great form of cardio. Plus, these exercises can help improve your balance and reduce back pain. If you’re interested, check to see if your fitness center offers trampoline-based classes. You can also buy a mini-trampoline and practice at home.

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