Your Stress Will Fly Away

Bird Feeding

This is National Bird Feeding Month. This is a great time to learn more about the blessing of birds, nurture the bird population, and maybe even begin a new hobby of birding. Falling in love with birds can reduce your stress as you patiently experience their behavior, watch them eat, witness their beauty, and listen to them sing. We had a bird feeder for over 25 years at our farm and it was one of the greatest joys of my life. No matter what chaos, losses or challenges life brought into my life I always found solace with birds. They are my best friends! Create a wildlife habitat in your backyard, balcony, farm, community, or garden.


There are enumerable types of bird feeders. The best thing to do is to read up on a particular bird you want to attract and then you can get the best bird feeder for that bird.

I love tube feeders. Tube feeders hold seeds in a refillable tube and have holes and perches for the birds to stand on while they eat. They are easy to clean and you get a great view of the birds.

Window feeders can be attached outside your window with suction cups. It’s fun to watch the birds eat and you get to see their beautiful majestic bodies close-up.

We always have hummingbird or nectar feeders. We love hummingbirds and their feeders hold sweet liquid for these tiny birds. You can buy pre- made nectar or make it yourself. Hummingbirds are great to have around as they are a totem or symbol for joy.

Bird Food

Different birds eat different foods; for instance, songbirds, goldfinches, and hummingbirds all have different diets. I suggest you go to a bird store or a bird specialty website to find the best food for the birds you want to attract. Store your food in a cool dry place. I love the people at Wild Birds Unlimited. They have been an invaluable source for information and products throughout the years.

If you feed birds in the winter make sure you continue to feed them. They become dependent on the calories you are giving them in the winter when they especially need them.

Cleaning Bird Feeders

About once every month or two I pull my bird feeders and wash them out with hot water and dish soap. They get dirty and develop mold when the rain gets trapped in the feeder. Also be sure to clean out old birdseed from the feeders.

More Tips

I learned this the hard way. Put your bird feeder close to a bush or tree that gives your birds a staging area and provides them some cover. Hawks learn where the birds hang out and will find your bird feeder a great place to score meals. I have witnessed a hawk grab a bird at my bird feeder and I was sick for days. I felt responsible for the murderous act. It will break your heart so please place them in cover.

Join A Bird Community

Being a bird feeder can be a valuable addition to your wildlife gardening.  You can enroll your yard as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat® – right at home! You can also visit the Audubon Society website where you can participate in bird counting and other helpful volunteer practices that will save our precious bird population.

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