The Land of a Thousand Stray Dogs

Territorio de Zaguates aka Land Of The Strays is a place like non-other. 378 acres of mountainous fields where 1000’s of stray, injured, and abused dogs have come over the last 12 years to learn be dogs again. The ultimate goal here is to find homes for them all, but the beauty of Land Of The Strays is that if they don’t find a family it’s the perfect place for them to all live their rest of days together in freedom and happiness.

Located about an hour from downtown San José, the shelter is famed for its approximately 378 acres of tropical mountain land where scores of canines stroll, frolic, and race alongside human visitors, shelter employees, and volunteers. The vast majority of the animals are up for adoption and visitors can bring their own dogs to play with the rescues.

All the dogs that have come to this beautiful sanctuary have experienced some kind of human inflicted suffering and abandonment, but here they are given a second chance. The cruelty that is done to so many of these innocent beings is unthinkable yet the compassion that Lya and her team give to these dogs everyday finds a way to heal them. With Territorio De Zaguates’ numbers now rising to over 1100 free roaming dogs, the costs are rising too and Land Of The Strays needs our help.

It costs approximately $36 dollars/month to take care of 1 dog . They rely on financial assistance and donations for all food, staff, and veterinary expenses, so if you feel inclined to donate to their efforts, you’ll most likely get lots and lots of karma points added to you karma bank!

You can learn more about them and/or donate to their amazing efforts on their website

All photos have been borrowed from Territorio De Zaguates’ Facebook and Instagram pages – feel free to follow them in your own social media accounts to see even more great pictures!

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