Stress Less With a Purse Dump

Living with any type of clutter is a great source of stress. When you dig in your purse do you have trouble finding your phone, car keys, or your favorite lipstick? There is just too much frustration, time, and confusion spent on digging in your purse for the items you need. When you experience purse clutter you can feel out of control, frustrated and angry.

Clutter Makes Your Stress Hormones Spike

A team of UCLA researchers recently observed 32 Los Angeles families and found that all of the mothers’ stress hormones spiked during the time they spent dealing with their belongings. Physical clutter overloads your senses just like multitasking does. Clutter creates stress, impairs your memory and stops you from thinking creatively.

Tips for Organizing Your Purse

  1. No heavy purses. Your purse should not exceed 10% of your body weight. Your heavy purse can cause all kinds of back problems.
  2. Loose those receipts. Take your receipts out of your wallet. Keep them in a separately labeled envelope or snack size zip lock bag. At the end of the week take them out of your purse and put them in a gallon size zip lock bag with the month and year written on it.
  3. Organize your money. The neatness of how you keep your money speaks volumes about what you think of money. Money is energy and should be respected. Put your smaller denominations toward the front and larger bills in descending order.
  4. Remove your coins. Coins are heavy and bulky. Take out your coins once a week and put them in a coin jar or zip lock bag.
  5. Organize your credit cards. Organize your credit cards in credit card slots in your wallet or keep a separate small wallet for credit cards only. You may want to keep your Visas, Master Cards and American Express cards in sections together.
  6. Get a purse organizer. A purse organizer is great to stop purse clutter. They have great ones at the Container Store, Etsy or Amazon.

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